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How To Learn The Bridal Dance Without Stepping On Your Partner’s Toes

Dancing is part and parcel of every wedding. Dancing with your partner in a romantic song can make your wedding day more special and romantic as well. But learning wedding dance lessons perth is not like a ballet or something which you are accustomed to. Thus, chances are there you can step on your hubby’s foot by accident. This is not only an embarrassing moment for you, but it can also hurt your partner as well. So if you want to avoid this sort of condition, it’s better to learn the dance correctly. You can enquire at the DFDS facebook page. Here it must be remembered that instead of choosing a fast dance number, you should choose a slow dance so that you can cope up with the stepping without any hassle.

  • Extend your ankle: when you dance you need to learn the stepping properly. When you move your legs parallel instead of stretching them in a perpendicular manner, you will expose your feet to be nicked or stepped on by your partner.
  • Transfer your weight to your spouse: Though for a new dancer mastering this art is not always possible, but with time and practice, you can do that easily. If you are a lady, then try to transfer your body weight to your partner slightly. As a result of this trick, your partner will not be able to step on your feet.
  • Dance position and tracking: At the time of taking the position you must need to stand slightly offset so that there will be enough space for each other to step their foot correctly. You and your partner should make certain that you both can see your own right foot.  At the time of dancing always track the moves and try to make them in a straight line so that you can avoid the problem of stepping on your partner’s foot.

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Author | Nathan Graham Comments | Comments Off Date | March 11, 2017